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The insights of La Saponaria

Biodeo roll-on refill: the most sustainable natural roll-on deodorants ever

What should the perfect natural deodorant look like? Certainly without alcohol or aluminium salts, with a certified organic and sustainable formula that is good for the skin and also good for the environment. And then it must be zero waste and plastic free. Biodeo roll-on refills are the solution for those who love liquid textures and don't want to give up the convenience of roll-on and want to say goodbye to disposable bottles forever.

They have arrived to astonish and conquer even the most difficult souls: these are the fantastic Biodeo roll-on refills, natural and organic liquid deodorants that are applied with a roll-on applicator, but have no disposable bottles! The idea behind it is as simple as it is ingenious: instead of throwing away the bottle every time, we use the same fantastic roll-on applicator. Simple to use, compact, cute and very durable, it will be able to accompany us on all the adventures of our lives. Every time we finish our deodorant, simply unscrew the cap, fill the applicator with the new Biodeo and there you go!