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The insights of La Saponaria

Plastics at sea: solutions? Marine plastics

Plastic is suffocating the sea and its inhabitants. We can no longer ignore the problem and we have to face it from multiple points of view. Making Zero Waste choices is one way, choosing products made of sea plastic is another. The important thing is to act now.

Eco-Pow(d)er: the zero-waste cosmetics revolution is in powder cosmetics

Fire to dust! The revolution of zero waste cosmetics has arrived! It is cosmetic powder to rehydrate: shower gel, shampoo and soaps hands ready to take care of skin and hair with a very light impact on our planet! Let’s see how they work and why we will fall in love with them!

Packaging: La Saponaria's commitment to a greener world

Here at La Saponaria we have always been committed to using light and sustainable packaging for our cosmetics but now we have taken a step further: we want to replace all virgin plastic bottles with more sustainable materials.

We truly love our world and want to do everything possible to become increasingly zero waste, plastic-free, and sustainable. In this article, we will discuss La Saponaria's choices in terms of packaging:

Zero waste cosmetics and shampoos: plastic-free cosmetics

If we do nothing, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea: addressing the climate issue and the environmental impact of our choices becomes a priority for each of us. Zero waste and plastic-free cosmetics are born in the cosmetic field: a possible solution? Let's see it together!

In this article we will talk about plastic free and zero waste cosmetics. Here are the topics we will cover:


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