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The insights of La Saponaria

Body and breast serum to firm up body skin

As time goes by, our skin loses its tone and elasticity and starts drooping. We can't stop time, but luckily we can use some tips and tricks to tone and firm up our skin.

Time flies, and as it goes by we make memories and experiences. Our body and our skin go through the same changes and challenges we live, getting less elastic and toned. We all would like to stop time or at least to make it run slower, but we all know this is not possible, and so we look for remedies to firm up our body and breast skin and feel better with ourselves. There exist specific products to use in combination with other solutions to tone the skin both of your arms and breast, and this is exactly what you are about to read:

Pimples on the back: causes and remedies to take care of this issue

Pimples on the back often cause itching, pain, and inflammation. However, there exist natural and gentle remedies to reduce their presence and to restore the natural balance of your skin. 

If you are looking for a remedy to take care of pimples on the back, you could use this article. Not only the issue of pimples on the back does cause pain and inflammation, but also it might alterate your mood. But there is no need to worry, since the presence of pimples is usually a temporary condition that goes away if you know what products to use and if you are patient enough to wait. 

Leg capillaries: what they are and what to do to reduce their presence

Our body has approximately two billion capillaries that carry blood, oxygen, and other nutrients. Due to several causes, it may happen that capillaries get more fragile up to the point of breaking, thus becoming visible in certain areas of the legs. There are no remedies that can eliminate them forever, also because they are essential to our body. However, there exist remedies that can reduce the presence of leg capillaries.

Although they do not cause any particularly harmful symptom, broken capillaries often come with tired and heavy legs. Therefore, they may be something to be taken care of. To accept thei presence of broken capillaries is to make the first step to reduce them: being naturally present in our body, there is nothing to be ashamed of if your capillaries tend to break and to be visible. Nevertheless, if you are looking for remedies to reduce their presence, just know that if you follow a balanced lifestyle combined with a correct routine, your legs will experience a renewed sense of lightness!

Stretch marks: Shock Serum and Active Butter for a synergistic treatment

Stretch marks tell the story of our skin and are super widespread: it is estimated that over 80% of women and 30% of men have to deal with stretch marks.
Preventing them and above all fighting them is never easy but with the Stretch Marks Serum and the Stretch Marks Butter as your prodigious allies, a little perseverance will be enough to obtain visible results!

Who doesn't want to have flawless, compact skin? In the age of social media it seems that everyone must necessarily adapt to an ideal of perfection that is as impossible as it is illusory. In reality it is inevitable that in the course of our life marks, spots, wrinkles, pimples, cellulite, small and large scars and, yes, even the annoying and unpleasant stretch marks appear on our skin.

All these 'defects' are actually elements that characterize us, that distinguish us from others and that tell our story. So, even if they are most likely not at the top of the list of things we like most about ourselves, stretch marks are also an integral part of our person and they too contribute to transmitting our uniqueness to ourselves and to others!

It goes without saying that no one should feel uncomfortable showing their stretch marks: in this we can take a cue from the many celebs who on their social profiles reject any toxic stereotype of beauty and proudly show us their 'imperfections'.

What are the causes of the smell of sweat👃😖

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because during a particularly sultry day or during sporting activity you noticed an excess of sweating with the consequent fear of giving off a bad smell?

But what are the causes that cause an unpleasant sweat smell? Are there effective remedies? Let's see together what are the measures that can help prevent and avoid the development of bad smell.

Solid Biodeos: organic and natural deodorants that work, zero waste and plastic free

Four solid deodorants that are delicate on the skin but ruthless against bad smells: Biodeo Solids are compact deodorants with a long-lasting action and totally Zero Waste! Let's see together why the one with them could be the longest love story of our lives!

They are 4, they are certified organic, they are natural, perfumed, compact and have a very long lasting action. And the good news didn't end there: they are zero waste and plastic free! They are contained in recycled paper boxes and can also be used on their own or inserted into the Kiima applicator, which is refillable and available in 4 different colours. To say goodbye forever to bad smells and disposable bottles!

Dry and chapped hands: causes, natural remedies, and beauty routine

Our hands are often put to test, particularly during cold seasons. Let's take a look at some natural remedies and the right routine to follow for silky and super-nourished hands.

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