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The insights of La Saponaria

Sun creams: what is the difference between chemical and physical sun filters?

Sunscreen products are the summer cosmetics par excellence and are a must for every home in the summer season - and especially for every beach bag. Along with responsible exposure to the sun, sunscreen helps us to protect our skin from the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.

How to choose the right sunscreen for your skin?

In summer, entering any business that deals with health and beauty, you can not fail to be impressed by the wide range of solar: between hyperbolic claims and mysterious acronyms, Choosing the right protection for our needs could be a more difficult task than expected!

Toothpaste without fluoride: because it is a good idea not only for children

The smile is our first business card and we all want it to be healthy and our oral hygiene plays a crucial role in this. During our daily tooth cleaning routine, one of the most common ingredients we encounter in conventional toothpastes is fluoride. But should you choose toothpaste without fluoride? Let’s see why and also what are the natural alternatives.

Why stains form on the face and how to remove them

Spots on the face: how they form? Why is it important to prevent them? And, above all, can we do something to minimize and eliminate those already present on our face?

Natural hair dye without ammonia: discover your most beautiful hair ever

The arrival of white hair or the desire to change our natural color leads us to embrace the world of dyes that can be of various kinds: often we find them based on ammonia and after some application we see hair turned off and emptied. Are there effective natural dyes without ammonia? Yes! In this article we see which ones to choose and why!

Anyone who wants to have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair but the arrival of the first white hair or the desire to change its natural color makes us arrive at the complex world of dyes: there are of course different types of hair dyes, but if we do not choose the one that best suits our hair the result can be to see our hair turned off and emptied. Here’s what we’ll talk about in this article:

Choose the best sunscreen for your face

Tanning brings with it certain risks for the skin, including the formation of sun spots and wrinkles. Often on returning from holiday, it is easy to notice small discolourations of the skin, particularly on the face. In this short guide we therefore see what advice we have for choosing the best anti-spot and anti-wrinkle cream for our face, thus combating UV damage.

The causes of skin aging

Chronological aging proceeds according to a predetermined program at the genetic level, because it is a natural process of senescence (aging) of cells.

Plastics at sea: solutions? Marine plastics

Plastic is suffocating the sea and its inhabitants. We can no longer ignore the problem and we have to face it from multiple points of view. Making Zero Waste choices is one way, choosing products made of sea plastic is another. The important thing is to act now.

Cosmetics and comedogenic ingredients: clarify

What does comedogene mean? Can a cosmetic cause the appearance of pimples and pimples? What characteristics should a product have to not be comedogene?

Palm oil: why it is more controversial than it seems

Palm oil: do you use it or not? Is it harmful to health? And to rainforests? Is it true that it is found in many cosmetic products? Is it useful to boycott it? Are there sustainable alternatives? Let’s see together how to give informed answers to all these legitimate questions.

Are peptides effective against wrinkles? Yes, they are and here's why

Wrinkles are one of the first signs of time passing by, and although someone may appreciate them as they represent memories of all the experiences so far lived, someone else may want to try to reduce their appearance. In this case, peptides are effective against wrinkles.

We all have asked ourselves at least once what the best remedy to reduce wrinkles is, and that is right what this article deals with. Here there are the contents of the article:

White hair: why it occurs, how to delay its onset, and how to treat it best

Not only our skin does reflect time passing by, but also our hair, which gets whiter. White hair is a shared condition, and although it is not possible to avoid its onset, there exist remedies to prevent it from occurring or, once it has come, to treat it best.

Skin with redness and rosacea: causes and natural remedies

Fragile and sensitive skins are often prone to develop redness, couperose, and rosacea. The causes are several, but so are the solutions: let's unveil how to take care of these issues with natural remedies

If your skin is sensitive and fragile, it may develop redness, couperose, capillary fragility, or other issues that may lead to rosacea. We are about to share with you everything there is to know about couperose and rosacea, and to suggest you tips andr remedies to take care of your skin using natural remedies. Here there are the contents of this article:

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