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Vegetable Keratin for strong, shiny, and frizz-free hair. What is it and how to use it?

Keratin is naturally present in our bodies and it gives structure, strength, and density to our hair, eyelashes, and nails. But what do we do when our body produces less of it? Vegetable keratin comes to support us!

Keratin treatments and products offer increased strength and elasticity to the hair. Vegetable keratin is used in many hair products and helps prevent weakening, but this is just one of its several uses. Let's find out together what vegetable keratin is and how to use it to strengthen and illuminate our hair!

What is kegetable keratin?

Keratin is a component naturally present in our bodies that provides structure, strength, and elasticity to hair, eyelashes, and nails. However, due to external factors like stress or other conditions that directly affect hair, eyelashes, and nails, it might happen that our body produces less keratin. That's when we start experiencing hair breakage, weak eyelashes, and fragile nails. This is why it's crucial to replenish keratin in our bodies, and vegetable keratin comes to support us!

Vegetable keratin, also known as phytokeratin, is composed of hydrolyzed plant-based proteins, typically derived from corn, wheat, or soy. Vegetable keratin offers numerous benefits. When used in hair products, it helps repair damage caused by chemical treatments or external agents, strengthening the hair. When applied to eyelash products, it acts similarly to how it does with hair, particularly reducing lash weakening. When used on nails, it helps strengthen them, preventing splitting and breakage.

What are the benefits of vegetable keratin on hair?

Vegetable keratin is present in many hair products, including shampoos, masks, and sprays. It is an ingredient suitable to all hair types, as it can address specific needs based on the type of hair it's applied to. We mentioned that keratin is naturally present in hair, but its production might decrease over time due to various factors:

  • Exposure to sunlight, saltwater, and pollution.
  • Stress.
  • Smoking.
  • Heat styling, permanent dyes, and chemical treatments.
  • Hormones, genetic factors, and an unhealthy diet.

In general, vegetable keratin provides repairing, strengthening, and reconstructive effects on all hair types, from straight to wavy to curly hair. As soon as it comes into contact with the hair, vegetable keratin creates a protective film around each strand, providing protection against external agents. Vegetable keratin helps repair damage caused by overly aggressive chemical treatments, such as coloring, chemical treatments, or other aggressors, leaving the hair soft and elastic. Regardless of the product it's found in, vegetable keratin brings greater strength, elasticity, structure, and density to the hair, making it soft and full to the touch. Acting as a strengthener, vegetable keratin helps prevent hair from weakening, making it particularly suitable for damaged and prone-to-breakage hair.

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Vegetable keratin treatment for curly hair

For those with rebellious curly hair, it's time to reveal that vegetable keratin also has significant benefits for curly hair. It's often thought that keratin treatments can only straighten hair, but what about those who want to maintain their curly hair?

Vegetable keratin treatments for curly hair can make curly hair softer and more defined, providing a total anti-frizz effect. A vegetable keratin treatment on curly hair allows you to choose the level of straightening you desire. For those who want to keep their hair curly, a vegetable keratin treatment makes unruly curls more manageable, helping prevent tangles. Since curly hair tends to be frizzier due to higher moisture absorption, a vegetable keratin treatment reduces frizz, protecting the hair from external factors. The result is softer and shinier hair with well-defined and voluminous curls.

If you want to change your look, keep in mind that a vegetable keratin treatment can make your hair completely straight for up to 3-4 months. After this period, if you tire of straight hair, your curls will still have a soft, voluminous, and elastic look!


Reconstructive treatment with vegetable keratin

For those wondering about the effects of keratin on straight hair, don't worry about it: this element never ceases to amaze us. In fact, if you would like to undergo a treatment to make your hair even straighter and protect the ends from frizz, keratin will not only meet this need but will also rebuild thinner hair that needs reinforcement. A keratin-based treatment will make your hair thicker and more voluminous, providing greater volume to your hair.

Let's briefly summarize the benefits of keratin based on the type of hair it's applied to:

  • For wavy and frizz hair, keratin makes them more manageable and easy to comb.
  • For curly hair, if you choose to maintain your curls, keratin provides greater softness and definition to your curls.
  • For straight hair, a keratin treatment makes the hair healthier and stronger.

To sum up, the keywords of a keratin treatment are strength, softness, elasticity, and definition. What if we could achieve all these benefits with a single product containing Vegetable Keratin?

Organic Vegetable Keratin Hair Activator

The keratin used in traditional cosmetics is often of animal origin, coming from feathers, manes, hooves, and horns of various animals. However, there are more eco-friendly alternatives!

Our Organic Vegetable Keratin Hair Activator is a spray that combines all the benefits of vegetable keratin into one product: it makes hair healthier, stronger, and more radiant. It adapts to all hair types, from the curliest to the straightest, precisely because keratin can deposit on every hair, creating a protective film, regardless of hair type.

Our Vegetable Keratin spray allows you to reconstruct the hair from root to tip, preventing and reducing breakage. Its texture suits all hair types and has been designed to prevent the dreaded "product buildup" on the hair.

It's suitable for hair that has been bleached or subjected to aggressive treatments, for fine hair that breaks easily, and for those seeking greater resilience—in short, it works on all hair types!

The result? Visibly healthier and more voluminous hair!

The Vegetable Keratin spray has two main effects:

  1. Reconstructive effect: The keratin present prevents hair shaft breakage and the formation of split ends, restoring the hair's normal three-dimensional structure.
  2. Volumizing effect: The diameter of individual hairs increases by 17%!

Here are the main characteristics of Vegetable Keratin:

  • It restructures the hair shaft, making it thicker and shinier.
  • It prevents and reduces hair breakage.
  • It provides healthy and voluminous hair.
  • Its light texture makes it ideal for all hair types.

Ingredients of our Vegetable Keratin Spray

Our Vegetable Keratin Hair Activator is enriched with rose and cornflower to give your hair an energy boost and a floral scent. It's rich in peptides, oligopeptides, and polypeptides that are able to restructure and repaire the hair by protecting it from oxidative damage. The spray also contains significant amounts of cysteine and sulfur that are perfect for preventing hair breakage.

Keratin helps all hair types appear healthier, fuller, and more voluminous. Seize the opportunity to have the hair you've always dreamt of!

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