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Eco-Pow(d)er: the zero-waste cosmetics revolution is in powder cosmetics

Fire to dust! The revolution of zero waste cosmetics has arrived! It is cosmetic powder to rehydrate: shower gel, shampoo and soaps hands ready to take care of skin and hair with a very light impact on our planet! Let’s see how they work and why we will fall in love with them!

The Eco-Pow(d)er Line starts from a basic idea: how can we eliminate plastic bottles while keeping liquid products comfortable? The cosmetics zero waste and plastic free has now an additional ally at his side! In addition to solid cosmetics, always deployed for the protection of the environment and all the activities of refills and vacuum to return, which are certainly advantageous but also have their critical points, we now have one more possibility: powdered cosmetics to be re-hydrated. We talk about it in this article:

The Line Eco-Pow(d)er: cosmetics powder to rehydrate

We are faced with an innovative concept of cosmetics with super power to serve sustainability!  The line has inside Shower Bath, shampoo and soap hands in powder to rehydrate, formulated with natural ingredients that take care of the skin, hair and our wonderful planet!  Here they are:

And why are Eco powders so revolutionary? Because every time you use an Eco-Pow(d)er sachet you avoid a disposable plastic bottle!

By adding simple water, the formulas are rehydrated and become shampoo, shower gel and soap liquid hands with a story even more virtuous and sustainable than the traditional ones! So, even those who want to be greener but can not do without liquid textures, can participate in the zero waste revolution!


Less plastic, more fun: Environmental benefits

Our powdered cosmetics do not need plastic packaging, thus reducing CO2 production and avoiding the dispersion of plastic into the environment. Virgin plastic in fact is not highly impacting on the environment only when it is dispersed in it: this has a weight both in the origin phase, the oil supply chain is terrible from all points of view, processing, for the very high release of CO2 and then disposal. In a virtuous circuit all the plastic should be recycled and put to new life, but the truth is that only a part of the plastic is really recycled.

According to Conai, 48.7% of plastic has been recycled in Italy in 2020, Among the overall recycling targets that Europe imposes on its member states by 2025, it is expected that 50% of plastic is recycled.  What will happen to the remaining 50%? It will end up in landfills or, even worse, will be lost in the environment.

The World Economic Forum was clear: if we do nothing by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish at sea. Doing our part to reduce the use of bottles is really crucial.

That’s why Eco-Pow(d)er comes to our aid: all the delicious Eco-Pow(d)er sachets are made of FSC recycled paper and can be recycled into paper!


The advantages on transport

Its special powder formula not only allows the Eco-Pow(d)er line to have no bottles to contain cosmetics, but also to be formulated with 99% less water than a traditional product. This means that in the transport phase a sachet of ecopowder weighs less and takes up less space than a traditional bottle, thus saving a lot of C02!

Did you know that on average a truck travels 1000 km and that to absorb the C02 of a single trip takes about 6 trees and 1 year of time?

Reducing weight and volume, we can transport more in less trips: transport is an aspect that is almost never considered but from the environmental point of view has an extremely significant impact!


Innovative and ecological formulas

Fantastic these packs! But the formulas? They are also spatial! We have in fact concentrated super active in formulas that could be really good and cutting-edge for those who use them and for the Planet.

Can we give some examples? In the Hands Soap Powder Softening and Nourishing Grapefruit and Sweet Almonds, we find Hyaluronic Acid and Iris Extract to moisturize, Calendula, Sweet Almonds and Rose Hip to soothe and nourish the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is also the protagonist of the Strengthening and Moisturizing Shampoo and together with the Coconut is responsible for moisturizing the hair, nourishing them thoroughly and make them shiny. For healthier and stronger hair we also added Ginkgo biloba extract and wheat proteins that, thanks to their affinity to keratin, protect and regulate.


Never more dry skin after showering with the Velvety and Nourishing Bath Marigold & Rose Hip, rich in soothing and soothing active ingredients such as sweet almonds and calendula bio but also antioxidants and moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, Rosa Mosqueta and the Oligosaccharides of fruit.

And for those who have a fat skin or love the lashes of energy? There is the Body Wash Energizing and Invigorating Mandarin & Vitamin C, contains Rusco Extract and Aloe to moisturize and say goodbye to fatigue and essential oils of Mandarin, Ginger, Lemon, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange, to refresh and brighten the skin.

Long clean hair, light and full of light with the Shampoo Polishing and Seboregolatore Tea Tree & Prebiotic Chicory. Chicory Prebiotics help to balance the skin microbiota, while Tea Tree, Peppermint and Zinc Lactate purify the roots and make the skin cleaner. It also contains Lemon and Lavender to gently cleanse and illuminate the lengths and proves to be a valid ally also to combat dandruff.

The Hand Soap Refreshing and Sanitizing Tea Tree & Lavender is also rich in active ingredients to give a deep feeling of clean and fresh hydration. It has refreshing and sanitizing properties thanks to the essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender and Lemon and is enhanced with Zinc Lactate, an active with an important antibacterial action. Its formula is effective but gentle on the skin thanks to the presence of Aloe and Inulin.

After some time from the launch of the line came a new entry: Micellar Water powder to rehydrate! Gently cleanses, removes sebum, makeup and fatigue, leaving the face hydrated and fresh! With hyaluronic acid, moisturizing and soothing, and betaine, moisturizing and protective. Perfect for those who want to make their skin more sustainable and prefer liquid formulations.

The only peculiarity compared to the other sisters of the line: its envelope is not FSC certified paper but plastic and can be recycled in the collection of plastic. In any case, its infinitely lighter weight makes the cosmetic very beneficial from an environmental point of view.


The cosmetic industry is the first user of plastic bottles

In the not too distant past, personal care products did not require the use of plastic containers: just talk to some of our grandmothers! The soaps were solid, often with homemade soap you also washed your hair and those who could afford perfumes and luxury products found them packaged in elaborate glass containers.

When washing at the river or in the bath, the products were functional for those conditions and were solid. Curiosity: just in this period was lucky the famous soap that floated on the surface of the water and did not sink if escaped!

Then in the West came the economic boom, running water in all the houses and with it the shower! Now people wanted items that could withstand constant exposure to water and flow freely in the drains: they started formulating liquid cosmetics and gels that had a new need, they had to be contained in bottles!

And what better material than plastic to contain them? Lightweight, extremely malleable to the point of being able to be transformed into any desired shape, unbreakable as opposed to glass and cheaper than the latter, plastic still has undeniable advantages. Too bad it is the longest-lasting synthetic product, it degrades completely only in hundreds of years. 

Today the cosmetic industry is the main user of plastic and it is its responsibility to find alternative ways: we all want fantastic products, foamy, comfortable, easy to carry and use, but we can no longer ignore it. Finding alternatives to this material is everyone’s responsibility!


Eliminating Disposable Bottles: Zero Waste and Plastic Free Cosmetics

So is it possible to find alternative routes? A cleaner world, without pollution, a more sustainable way of life, without weighing on our Planet but respecting life in all its forms. This must become the dream of all of us! In recent years, fortunately, it has become a priority for many and the peaceful demonstrations have seen thousands of people flocking to the streets around the world demanding urgent action from their governments in the environmental field.

The Italian cosmetics industry has a huge impact on the world market and is trying to contribute to change: now it is not only small cosmetic companies like La Saponaria, always attentive to the environment, to pay attention to packaging. Where there is demand and interest also come the big producers, we talk about it in this article on our blog.

The trend of zero waste cosmetics has spread not only among the youngest, but also among generations over 50. A recent survey by Italian Cosmetics has highlighted how 56% of women in this age group prefer to buy a cosmetic that is not only good for her but also for the environment, because it is not only a more rewarding experience, but also a gesture of protection towards the future of their children and the planet in which they must live.

Here are the roads that have been traced to find comfortable and practical solutions and definitely avoid the use of plastic bottles.

Recycled plastics: finding alternative materials to virgin plastic

The first solution is not to eliminate bottles but to choose alternative materials to virgin plastic to contain our beloved liquid cosmetics. In these years here at La Saponaria we have done a great job on packaging, managing to replace almost all virgin plastic bottles with other materials, more virtuous:

  • Recycled plastic re-bottle: it is the post-consumer recycled plastic, the one that comes from the recycling of the plastic that we all throw into the separate collection. It is an even greener material than ordinary recycled plastic that often comes from industrial waste. Post-consumer recycled plastic is extremely virtuous because it allows us to turn waste into a precious resource and can be recycled in the normal collection of plastic.
  • Marine plastic: this is plastic caught in the oceans, differentiated and processed to be available for use again. This is a very precious material because not only is it recycled plastic, but it is also made from waste that was littering our seas. It can be recycled into normal plastic and this increases its sustainability even more!
  • Bioplastic: this is a plastic derived from the processing of sugar cane. This means that bioplastics is a bio-based material (bio-based), obtained from plant material, therefore of biological origin, and does not include any component of fossil origin (coal or oil). It’s an extremely sustainable material because it can be recycled into normal plastic.
  • Recycled aluminium: aluminium is a very light and versatile metal used all over the world because it is extremely ductile and useful for the manufacture of long-lasting goods and packaging. Its peculiarity? It is easily recyclable and can be recycled countless times! In fact, it is estimated that 70% of all the aluminum produced all over the world is still in circulation!
  • Glass: glass is a natural and 100% recyclable material and countless times without ever compromising its quality. Compared to plastic bottles it has the disadvantage of being able to break during transport, as well as having a greater weight. It’s still a noble material, which, like aluminium, adheres perfectly to the zero waste philosophy.

To learn more about the choices made here at La Saponaria in terms of sustainable packaging, you can read more on this page.

The firm cosmetics

From an environmental point of view, solid cosmetics are very advantageous because:

  • They do not need plastic bottles and allow the use of zero waste packaging. in particular, in the case of solids is often used cardboard

  • They are free of water, therefore less subject to deterioration: in many cases we can therefore exclude the use of preservatives. Formulas over time become more and more performing and solid products have nothing to envy their liquid counterparts

  • They weigh less than liquid equivalents and take up less space: this has an advantage especially in transport: with a truck full of solid shampoos you can wash your hair as many times as with 15 trucks of liquid shampoos.

  • They are concentrated products, so they last longer: often a pack of solid shampoo is equivalent to 2 bottles of traditional liquid shampoo or 1 bottle of concentrated liquid shampoo. When we make the purchase of a solid, we also consider this in the expense: probably, having a longer-lasting product, we are saving a lot!

Now to the disadvantages: as we saw above, in the shower it is not always convenient to have a solid product. By keeping a product without packaging in contact with water, we risk dissolving it. To overcome this problem you can resort to specific soap holders but in general not everyone finds it convenient to use solid cosmetics in the shower.

There are no objections whatsoever for those who use solid creams or solid soaps, this is to remember that solid cosmetics not only consists of shampoo and solid conditioner, but now offers a wide choice. The laboratory of La Saponaria is specialized in the production of solid cosmetics, also for third parties, and you can see here all our proposals: Solid cosmetics and plastic free.


Re-fill and sfuserie: the noble art

When we talk about avoiding the use of disposable plastic bottles we cannot fail to mention all those who do re-fill activities and all Sfuserie, stores that sell loose products. The concept is simple: go to the store with your containers, fill them as you like, with the quantities you want, pay the goods by the weight.

Bulk stores have many environmental advantages:

  1. Zero packaging = zero plastic: this is definitely the first positive aspect!
  2. We can recycle containers endlessly, using them to go shopping. For example, glass jars of jams and legumes can have a new life.
  3. We determine the quantity, there are no limits: this means on the one hand that we can make a more conscious shopping, taking only what we need, on the other hand to stock up on the most long-lasting products.
  4. Transport savings: transporting 10 litres of shampoo in one container will take up less space than transporting it in many small 200ml bottles, for example.

Now to the disadvantages: it is undeniable that every time we have to do the shopping we must remember to bring our containers with us. This, which is a real gift for the Planet, becomes for many an unsustainable step. We often live very hectic lives, we go from the office to the supermarket without having planned it in advance and we also need simple and practical solutions. Even if we’re armed with the best of intentions, unless the loose ends are actually on our doorstep, we can’t always get there. The more the sfuserie will be spread and the more convenient it will be and for our Planet we really hope that they are more and more! 

As for the issue of liquid cosmetics sold on tap, it should be added that the legislation in this field is rather restrictive, so as to provide that at the point of sale must be guaranteed the same hygiene standards and health procedures of a cosmetic laboratory, to avoid bacterial contamination of products. These are high operating standards, difficult to achieve in a store. That is why the sale of cosmetic products in bulk is a rarity in Italy, while they are much more widespread, since they enjoy a more flexible regulation from this point of view, shops selling food or household cleaning products on tap.


Empty to make: the pros and cons

When we talk about avoiding disposable bottles, the first thought always goes here: what if we reused them? If we brought the bottle back to the cosmetics manufacturer, he would properly sanitize it and then fill it again with the same product, wouldn’t that be a huge saving in environmental terms?

Here at La Saponaria we have been thinking for some time: we have made an in-depth analysis of feasibility and to date, according to the current legislation and logistical obstacles we believe that it is not sustainable either economically or environmentally.

Because if at first glance the vacuum to make might seem a great saving, we have seen that the environmental impact of the vacuum to make is not optimal: we must consider the problem of transport, which as we know have a huge impact on the environment, and also the impact of sanitization processes.  Not all bottles could in fact be industrially sanitized: to do this we should only use glass or other materials that withstand high temperatures making the whole process even more complicated and expensive.

Here comes the powder!

To all these possibilities that we have seen now we add another: powders! We buy only one bottle, only once. Let’s take it in recycled aluminum, or let’s reuse one we have at home. We pour 200ml of water and then all the contents of one of our Eco-Pow(d)er envelopes.  Close the bottle and shake well, then leave it open for 30 minutes. At this point our cosmetic is ready to use.

A simple, effective solution that allows us to have our beloved liquid cosmetics without using disposable bottles. Here’s how to do it:




A revolution, to be such, must be able to involve many people: we are really convinced that the small gestures of every day have a very high impact on the Planet. People are attentive and willing to change their habits to do their part, but the solution must be convenient and affordable.

Therefore, in the fight to protect the environment, the more alternatives, the better off everyone will be! Whether solid cosmetics, bulk products, or contained in bottles made of alternative materials, whether returnable vacuum or powdered cosmetics to be rehydrated, we are all called upon to do our part to avoid the use of disposable virgin plastic bottles: are you ready to choose your way? The zero waste detergent revolution has begun: will you join us?

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