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New Anti-Ageing Line for Mature Skin: discover your anti-ageing routine

Anti-ageing facial line for mature skin: a global treatment with intensive action I think for the all-round wellbeing of mature and demanding skin. It consists of four products and an accessory, ultra-rich formulas certified organic and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, with a targeted and intensive action, for a global anti-age treatment.

What should the ideal anti-ageing face cream look like? It must lift and plump, but not only. It must take care of the all-round well-being of the skin so that it can stay in top form for as long as possible. This is the idea behind the new Antiage Line for Mature Skins composed of 4 special formulas rich in active ingredients to take care of the skin's wellbeing from all points of view and an accessory. That of nourishment, of protection, giving the skin special ingredients capable of guaranteeing it long-lasting health.

As we know, the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin begins to decline from the age of 25, but the signs of ageing are generally slight. From the age of 40, the signs become more noticeable and new changes are added. During the menopause, then, these phenomena tend to become more acute due to the decrease in oestrogen levels and the skin tends to become more sensitive. The new Antiage Line, thanks to innovative active ingredients and targeted formulas, is the ideal routine to take care of all the needs of these skin types. 

Each product is designed to perform specific functions and, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, is complementary to the others so as to create an effective routine for firm, lifted, protected, moisturised and toned skin. The line consists of:

- Lift&Defence face cream: lifts and protects against blue light damage with Plant Collagen + Ectoin
- Deep Care night cream: deep renewal with AHAs + Peptides
- Proage Ultra serum: regenerating and repairing with Ceramides + Fitoretinol
- Lift&Restore eye contour: Proage complex-12 serum and mask with peptides, bromelain and sea fermentates
- Eye Star eye patches: reusable, made of silicone with aluminium box

The characteristics of mature skin

Our skin is a complex and extensive organ and is made up of different layers, each with its own structure and function. In general, the skin's main function is to protect us from external agents such as bacteria and to maintain our thermal equilibrium through the sweat glands present all over our body surface.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are basic substances that make up the skin, and are naturally present in connective tissues. Collagen is a supporting protein of the dermis, hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide responsible for hydration, and elastin is a protein that provides elasticity and the ability to deform the skin when subjected to mechanical stress. A bit like collagen being the beam that supports the wall, hyaluronic acid the brick and elastin the cement that holds it all together.

Beauty routine viso anti-age come si usano gli attivi puri

Young skin has a greater capacity to regenerate the cells that act as connectors and keep it toned and elastic. As the years go by, this capacity diminishes, which is why it is important to supplement the daily routine with active ingredients capable of restoring what the skin lacks most so that it does not lack these substances or lacks them as little as possible.

What is anti-ageing cream for, then? To give mature skin all the nutrients it needs.
If I have younger skin, can I still use an anti-ageing cream? Yes, of course. But you should know that these formulas are really designed for people with skin over 40, because they are packed with all the nutrients that skin of this age naturally needs.
And what is the anti-ageing face serum for? Finding all the features our skin needs in one product is really impossible. That is why in order to slow down the signs of ageing and keep our skin young for a long time, it is so helpful to build a routine consisting of several products that work together synergistically and enhance each other.
But how to build a complete beauty routine? It's simple: always start with the lightest textures and then proceed to the creamier ones. So the first step will always be cleansing, followed by serum, characterised by lighter textures, and then face cream as the last step.

Which cream to use for mature skin?

The ideal anti-ageing cream will therefore stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, regenerate the skin, tone, lift and above all nourish it thoroughly. But it will also have to take care of maintaining a healthy and stronger skin barrier, because there is no point in providing lots of nutrients if the skin is then unable to maintain them. And a stronger skin barrier will also be better structured against damage from the outside such as blue light, sunlight but also cold and wind, all external environmental causes that contribute to premature skin ageing.

Lift & Defence Face Cream


Lift & Defence Face Cream lifts and protects against blue light damage and is based on Plant Collagen and Ectoin. It is a certified organic anti-age cream with a lifting and protective action. Thanks to its comfortable texture it is suitable for all mature skin types, even those with combination or dry skin. You can then modulate the specific routine for these skin types by adding specific serums to sebum-regulate, in the case of combination skin, or give a nourishment booster, in the case of dry skin. But if we are looking for an anti-ageing face cream for mature skin over 40, Lift & Defence is exactly what we are looking for!

It is formulated with a complex mix of active ingredients that gives an immediately visible and at the same time long-lasting firming effect. It contains plant collagen with an elasticising and lifting action that improves skin firmness within 45 minutes of application. In the formula we also find marine fermentates capable of filling and plumping wrinkles, thus performing a smoothing action, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and giving firmness to the skin. Another pivotal ingredient is ectoin, a multifunctional active ingredient that preserves the skin's moisture and protects it from blue light and UV damage. The formula is vegan and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
Icing on the cake? The falcon is made of glass, in full zero-waste philosophy!

Active ingredients
  • Plant collagen: firming and lifting effect
  • Marine fermentates: tightening and lifting effect
  • Ectoine: enhances the barrier and protects against the effects of blue light
  • Vitamin E and Rosehip: antioxidant and elasticising action
  • Cornflower, Calendula and Aloe: soothing and moisturising action
  • Vine sap from the Emilian hills: antioxidant and nourishing action
Focus on Actives
Plant Collagen

Our plant collagen is a 100% vegan active and of natural origin. It comes from the combination of two extracts obtained from the fruit of Kigelia Africana and the bark of the Quillaja Saponaria, respectively rich in peptides and flavonoids which, once in synergy, release their powerful elasticising, toning and lifting actions. Collagen is a fundamental component of the skin and is essential for constant cell renewal; it is a true 'beauty protein' capable of giving elasticity to the skin, keeping it firm and compact. Over the years, unfortunately, collagen production decreases and this is where Lift&Defence comes in. Study results show an improvement in skin firmness of 18% after just 45 minutes of application.

1 - collagene vegetale

Marine fermentates

They are polysaccharides, i.e. sugars very closely related to the structure of our skin, which can fill in wrinkles with a rapid smoothing and lifting effect. They stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid with a profound anti-ageing action. They are able to strengthen the junction between the dermis and epidermis, a very important aspect for an elastic and firm skin. Only 15 minutes after application, tests show a 17.5 per cent reduction in skin roughness and a 16 per cent reduction in wrinkle depth.

2 - fermentati marini    3---fermentati-marini


Ectoin is an extremely multifunctional active ingredient with exceptional properties of cellular protection from external agents and intense moisturising and anti-ageing action. It is a real 'shield' protecting our skin. It is an amino acid derivative and belongs to the family of extremolytes, i.e. small molecules that in nature protect extremophilic microorganisms and plants, enabling them to survive in extreme living conditions such as deserts and glaciers.

Its incredible capacity in nature is equally appreciated by our skin. It is an active ingredient capable of drawing water back to itself, preserving the skin's hydration for a long time. It strengthens the skin barrier by protecting us from external agents and environmental stress, and in particular is able to protect us from the effects of UV and blue light. For these reasons, it is also ideal for particularly sensitive skin that tends to be easily irritated.

5 - ectoina

Deep Care Night Cream


Deep Care is the anti-ageing face cream designed for the night: it brings the skin to a deep renewal. It is certified organic and its ultra-rich formula is ideal for mature and demanding skin, boosted with a mix of highly functional active ingredients to nourish and renew the skin deep down while you sleep.

It contains AHA fruit acids, plumping and anti-gravity Sacha Inchi peptides and a rich mix of vegetable oils that counteract free radicals and provide nourishment and elasticity.

  • AHA fruit acids promote skin renewal and minimise signs of ageing and dyschromia, for radiant, even and velvety skin
  • Sacha Inchi peptides combat skin sagging thanks to their 'anti-gravity' action and help reduce the volume and thickness of wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic acid and sugars (saccharides and betaine) act as 'hydration magnets', leaving the skin plumped and hydrated for a long time.
  • The mix of vegetable oils (rosehip, shea, sunflower, cocoa and olive), enriched with Omega 3 and 6, counteracts free radicals and provides nourishment and elasticity.

The vegan formula is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. It is contained in glass packaging with aluminium cap, in pinea zero waste philosophy.

Focus on assets
Fruit acids AHA

Our fruit acids are sustainable as well as effective! In fact, they derive from an Italian project of upcyling fruit waste for food use. What is not used is then reprocessed instead of being thrown away, creating a new ingredient that is invaluable for our skin. Here is how it is composed:
- tartaric acid from organic grape skins from Emilia
- citric acid from Sicilian lemon extract
- malic acid from Trentino apple extract
- enzyme extracts from organic wheat bran from the Po valley and red grapes from Emilia

They are generally known for their exfoliating power, but when used at a low concentration, as in our Deep Care Night Cream, they stimulate skin renewal for glowing, even skin.

Sacha Inchi Peptides

The peptide-rich extract of Sacha Inchi is derived from a perennial plant from South America that was already known and used for its extraordinary properties by the Incas. Sacha Inchi Peptides are valuable because they help to restructure the skin structure, giving it greater firmness and tone, which is why they are known as 'anti-gravity' peptides. They are able to give greater support to the oval of the face and counteract skin laxity.

In particular, studies say that
- reduce the volume and thickness of wrinkles by around 30% in 21 days
- counteract skin sagging by up to 45% in 28 days

6 - Sacha Inchi

Proage Ultra Face Serum


Proage Ultra is a certified organic anti-ageing regenerating and repairing face serum based on Ceramides and Fitoretinol. It is an ideal facial serum for mature skin, even the most sensitive, thanks to its formula rich in precious ceramides. Ceramides are molecules naturally contained in our skin that are fundamental for the integrity and balance of the skin barrier.

It also contains Fitorenitol with regenerating action and Peptides with brightening and toning action for even, firm skin.
The vegan formula is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and comes in a glass bottle!

Active ingredients
  • Ceramides: repairing and protective action
  • Fitoretinol: regenerating action
  • Hexapeptide: brightening and toning action
  • High and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: moisturising and plumping action
  • Vitamin E and rosehip: antioxidant and elasticising action
  • Cornflower, Calendula and Aloe: soothing and moisturising action
  • Vine sap from the Emilian hills: antioxidant and nourishing action
Focus on assets

Ceramides are essential for the well-being of our skin because they make up 25% of the skin barrier, together with cholosterol and lipids. A low level of ceramides weakens the barrier, which we must imagine as a doorway to our skin. In a nutshell, we can say that when the door is half-open, entry and exit are facilitated: water disperses more easily, leaving the skin dehydrated and external agents penetrate more easily, resulting in ageing.

That's why ceramides are such a valuable active ingredient for our skin and thanks to their properties are able to improve skin hydration by 15% from the seventh day of use, improve skin elasticity by up to 14% after 1 hour of use and generally increase skin firmness and tone.

7 - Ceramidi

8 - Ceramidi    9 - Ceramidi


These are a particular type of peptides, i.e. a sequence of amino acids, capable of promoting collagen production and improving the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time, they are able to act on blemishes and redness, in particular, studies show that:

  • can reduce sun spots by 52% and brown spots by 58% in 4 weeks
    can minimise redness by 20.5% in 4 weeks

Eye Contour Lift & Restore

The Lift & Restore Eye Contour is a serum and also an eye contour mask based on Proage Complex 12, peptides, bromelain and sea fermentates. Like the rest of the Anti-Age Line, it is certified organic and has a super comfortable and fresh gel texture.
Thanks to its very rich formula with Proage Complex 12 it is able to act globally on the eye contour for a fresh and lifted look.

It can be used both as a serum and as an eye mask in combination with the Reusable Eye Patches EyeStar. The 12 active ingredients contained in the formula are designed to act synergistically to take all-round care of the skin around the eyes, which is often thin and dehydrated. Lift&Restore in fact combines lifting, decongesting, moisturising and soothing action.

Active ingredients
  • Bromelain and caffeine: improve skin microcirculation
  • Jasmine and hawthorn: promote collagen production and combat dark circles under the eyes
  • Green tea: decongesting action
  • Hexapeptides: toning action
  • Sea fermentants: tightening/lifting effect
  • Plant collagen: tightening/lifting effect
  • Multiple molecular weight hyaluronic acid: plumping action
  • Cornflower, bisabolol and aloe: moisturising and soothing action
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant action
  • Vine sap from the Emilian hills: antioxidant and nourishing action
Focus on assets
Jasmine and Hawthorn

Two flowers appreciated since ancient times for their extraordinary properties. The name jasmine comes from the Persian word "yâsamin" which means "Gift of God" while hawthorn means "flower of hope". Two names that tell of their great anti-inflammatory properties and their richness in flavonoids and valuable assets. They are two extraordinary active also for our eye area can visibly reduce dark circles after 14 days of use, thanks to their ability to act on the causes of their formation by improving the microcirculation of the skin, decrease vascular permeability and improve the degradation of bilirubin (yellow pigment). They also help to increase collagen production and inhibit the glycation process so as to give a relaxed and liftate appearance, with an improvement of up to 27% in 28 days.

10 - Gelsomino e Bincospino

11 - Gelsomino e Bincospino

How to use

Apply to the eye contour in the morning and evening. Use it as an eye mask whenever you feel the need, applying a larger amount and overlapping the Eye Patch EyeStar and wait at least 15 minutes. Thanks to the occlusive action of the Patch Eyes there will be a greater penetration of the active. 

Its vegan formula is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and is suitable for anyone who wants a fresh and liftate look. Ideal for mature skin over 40 years. Its pack is recycled plastic re-bottle.

Reusable eye patches EyeStar


Eye Star are reusable eye patches designed to enhance the action of the eye contour Lift & Restore to be applied as a serum or eye mask. They are made of silicone to improve the absorption of the active ingredients and give the look a fresh and liftate! They are contained in a practical tin box and are full of stars, to make our eyes shine like never before!

How to use them

Apply the Eye Contour Lift & Restore or if you prefer our WOW Eye Contour Cream and overlay patches. Wait at least 15 minutes et voilà, your look bright and rested! You can repeat the treatment whenever you want, even once a day! 

Have you already fallen in love with the pair patch + eye contour? You can find them together in the Eye Mask Kit with a special discount!

Supply chain stories: ingredients with a story to tell

Some ingredients that characterize the Anti-age Line for Mature Skins have beautiful stories to tell:

Vine sap from the hills of Emilia

Contained in all products of the anti-age line, the lymph of the vine contains a great vital force linked to the presence of a complex of nutrients such as mineral salts, amino acids, natural saccharides and polyphenols. It is an excellent ingredient for the well-being of our skin, with an antioxidant and nourishing action.


Every summer, in June, the garden of medicinal plants begins to bloom: Marigold illuminates the landscape with hundreds of thousands of radiant golden orange flowers spread over a hectare of surface. The precious flowers of the plant are collected by hand, from which extracts and dyes used in cosmetics and remedies will be obtained. The marigold that we use in our productions is grown on the farm La Spinosa di Giulia e Marco, and grows lush and cared for with love and biodynamic techniques in the countryside of Collecchio.


The Emilian company that supplies us with the Hydrolat of Cornflower realizes the extraction using a technologically advanced method based on ultrasound: is an exclusively mechanical method in which the entire extraction process takes place at room temperature thus avoiding the disintegration of thermolabile active ingredients, such as vitamins or essential oils. During the process the ultrasound is transformed into shock waves that spread into the containment tank through the formation of millions of micro bubbles that grow to explode. This phenomenon allows the rupture of the cell membrane, the emptying of the active ingredients contained in it and the consequent solubilization in the solvent medium: in this way almost total extractions of all the active ingredients contained in plants are obtained, something that cannot happen with
a physical extraction. It is therefore a method of extraction capable of keeping intact the organoleptic and functional qualities of plants, with which are obtained real distilled water and not simple flavoured water

The complete anti-aging routine

How to build a complete anti-aging routine? With the Anti-age Line for Mature Skins we will be able to have a global anti-aging action and also take care of the well-being of our skin, as well as strengthening the skin barrier. lift, tone and regenerate.

As we have seen before, the products must be applied starting from the lighter texture to the more full-bodied so we will always apply in this order:

Frequently asked question: should the eye contour be applied before or after the face cream? Actually in the eye area should be applied only this, so it is indifferent whether to apply it before or after!

Let’s see now how to complete according to our skin type:

Routine Mixed and mature skin over 40
Routine Dry and mature skin over 40
Stain-resistant routine for mature skin over 40

Don’t know what skin you have? You can do our skin test to identify your skin type and thus the best routine for you!

Skin Test

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