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Original gift ideas: here's the perfect gift for your boyfriend, friend, colleagues, and more!

What should the perfect Christmas gift be like? According to us, it should be useful, beneficial for the user and the environment, and of course, it shouldn't break the bank! So here's a brief guide to the perfect gift to avoid pre-Christmas anxiety and find useful and original gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and everyone dear to us!

Many people hate it, but some enjoy it: rushing through the city streets in search of the last-minute gifts for friends and family is for many the true essence of Christmas. But what if this time we didn't let anxiety take over? Here's a small guide with a thousand ideas for useful and original Christmas gifts to find the perfect gift for friends and family. What will you find in this article:

Cute gifts under 5€ for friends and colleagues

Are you always invited to that dinner where you need to bring a little something for all your friends?
With Maticao, you'll certainly make an impression! These are adjustable lip balms, with 90% less plastic than normal lip balms and packaging that turns into a bookmark, leaving a mark on the people you gift it to!

You can choose between Peach, Raspberry, Violet: all leave a light color on the lips to brighten them while protecting, nourishing, and hydrating them.


Another super cute and very very cheap idea is the 2-in-1 Nail File - Shaping and Smoothing, with a wooden core that makes it more sustainable but also flexible to follow the shape of the nail! It has two sides for shaping and smoothing at the same time: one with 180 grit, for shortening and shaping the nail, the other with 240 grit, for smoothing and dulling.

The file comes in a paper case and is super super cute with its Christmas graphics! If this makes the gift seem too small, you can always combine it with a hand soap, or a hand cream, such as the 3 IN 1 Hand and Nail Cream - Phytokeratin, Castor & Lemon, to care for hands and nails! The hand cream is perhaps the most classic gift and this hand cream will be particularly appreciated by those who love to always have well-groomed hands and strong, long nails: it is strengthening, nourishing and protective!

Useful and nice gifts for friends, colleagues and neighbours

And to men? What should we give them? To make a big impression with friends and colleagues, we can opt for a useful and original little gift with Lime and Ginger Body Cream. It has a fresh scent, and is actually perfect for both men and women, but lends itself well to being the perfect little gift for friends and colleagues. It's a Limited Edition in travel format, ideal to take with you to the gym, the pool or on your travels! And you don't even have to worry about the card: on the packaging it says "I wish you a bright future", which of all good wishes is always our favourite!


But a super cute, undemanding and definitely useful little gift is also a liquid hand soap! Two have come out with beautiful Christmas graphics Brio of the Holidays and Sweet Cuddles. Energising and invigorating the first, sweet and enveloping the second, they will take care of your hands by gently cleansing them. Again, cards and packages are almost unnecessary, they are perfect gifts as they are and very cheap: both the Lime and Ginger Body Cream and the two hand soaps cost just €5.90!

The gift for best friends: gift boxes around €10

Lour best friend deserves an original, beautiful, big and spacey gift, but we don't want to overdo it either? Here is the gift made from the heart, which takes care of the skin and the environment and which allows us to choose various possibilities while remaining around 10€.

The Caskets of Wonders are beautiful tin boxes that have sold like hot cakes and are in fact already sold out on our website: however, you can find them at our Biostories and retailers, find your nearest shop here! Here they are in all their splendour:

Hand & Lip Case, containing an almond hand cream and a Biocao Hyaluronic acid 
Hand & Nail Case, containing a Hand & Nail Cream and a 2-in-1 Nail File
Face Booster Casket, containing a Hyaluronic Acid and a 2 Step Wondermask
Intense Look Casket, containing a Black Eye Pencil, a Makeup Remover Wipe and a small sample of      Makeup Remover Gel Oil

But the wonders don't end there! There are the Lantern-Houses, packages that contain fantastic eco-gifts and have packaging that transforms into a lantern! 

Under €10 we find the Orange and Cinnamon Lantern-House, which contains a soap and a dual-purpose sponge for gently exfoliating the skin on the body. The soap can also be inserted into the inside pocket of the body sponge to cleanse and exfoliate in one go.


Other much-loved Lantern-Cases are:

Winter Rose, which contains a Rose Hand Cream and a Rose Hand Soap (€10.90)
Snowflake, which contains a Mint and Lemon Hand Cream and a Biocao Hyaluronic Soap (€10.90)
Gingerbread, which contains a Ginger and Apricot Scrub and a Lime and Ginger Body Cream (€13.90)
Stella, containing a Hyaluronic Acid and a Vitamin C (€18.90)

The gift for the sister, brother, aunt, grandmother, mum, dad: packages around €20

Do your loved ones deserve a beautiful and useful gift? You can opt for one of the fantastic Holiday Vibes Gift Sets! Again, we have had several sell-outs on our website, but you can still look for them at our shops and retailers, the full list of which you can find here.

Here we have:

Solidarity Body Box Set - La Saponaria for Emergency, contains a revitalising shower gel and an AHA body cream that regenerates the skin and makes it smooth and radiant. La Saponaria has always supported virtuous realities which, like us, want to make the world a better place! This year we have chosen to support Emergency, which has been offering free treatment to victims of war, landmines and poverty since 1994.
We have made a donation in their favour to help them continue their extraordinary work, and together we have created two products to take care of the body in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Needless to say, this is the most successful box set! (17€)
Zero Waste Hands box, containing Hand and Nail Cream, Hand Soap Powder and the aluminium bottle to be reused indefinitely, to give not only excellent products but also an idea to leave a light footprint on our earth and say goodbye forever to disposable plastic bottles!
The rehydrating hand soap powder is very easy to use: just follow the directions on the packaging!(18,90€)
Holidays Vibes Hands box Set, containing an Almond Hand Cream and an Almond Liquid Soap in a beautiful aluminium bottle that can be reused indefinitely! (15,80€)
Holiday Vibes Body Box Set, containing a solid body cream and a solid shower gel, because even the shower and creams can be zero waste and plastic free (€18.90)
Holiday Vibes Face Set, which contains a Blueberry Mousse, a Hyaluronic Acid and a sample of Pomegranate Cream, to wish your friends and sisters glowing, youthful skin for a long time (€19.90
Men's Holiday Vibes Box Set, to solve forever the problem of what to give to our brother, cousin, father, grandfather, the men's box set has arrived which contains Men's Anti-Ageing Cream-Gel, All in One Shower Shampoo and a sample of Aftershave Fluid (€23.40)


The perfect gift for mother or grandmother

What to give as a present to someone who loves to take care of everything and everyone? The Officinale Kit: this is a kit containing all the herbal remedies to keep with you at home! It contains Arnica Ointment, perfect for muscle aches and falls, Hypericum Ointment to apply to minor burns and erythema, Calendula Ointment, super nourishing for dry skin, and Thyme Ointment, balsamic and invigorating. It also contains a Mint and Lemon Hand Cream to nourish hands that are always ready to go straight back to work!

And the gift to never go wrong? The perfect pair: Shower Bath and Body Cream! We can opt for Carrot and Vanilla Nourishing Body Cream - Karite Soft and Vanilla and Carrot Body Cleanser - Sweet Foam to recommend for those who love pampering or have drier skin, or for Iris and Ginger Moisturising Body Cream - Flower and Root Sorbet and Iris and Ginger Body Cleanser - Flower Juice for those who like fresh energy and fragrance.

The gift for friends who are new parents

Has a couple of friends recently had a small baby? We can give them something they need that will take care of their baby's skin in the best possible way! Here is the Apricot Line: we can choose between an ultra-delicate, non-irritating organic body and hair bath, based on apricot and calendula, a soothing organic face and body cream, loved by all sensitive and delicate skins, a soothing and softening nappy change cleanser, Organic Protective Paste for changing nappies, regenerating and soothing, Organic Mother and Baby Oil, with antioxidant and emollient action based on Vitamin E, Gentle Cleansing Wipes with moisturising and regenerating action and 100% pure Rice Starch, with soothing, softening and refreshing action.

Linea Albicoccole 900x600

The gift for those who love to travel

Do you have a travel-loving friend? You must introduce them to solid shampoo and conditioner! He or she will then be able to take their products on board without the risk of liquids leaking into the cosmetic case! And where can you store the solids? In the solid cosmetic case! Ideal for slipping into your suitcase and pulling out under showers all over the world! It can hold soap, solid detergents, solid shampoos and conditioners as well as solid creams! Your friend will thank you and think of you when they are out and about!


The gift for our make-up addicted friend or sister

Do we have a friend, sister, cousin who is starting to wear make-up or is a make-up enthusiast? We can give her a BB Cream Like a dream, perfect for all skin types, light and organic, for fresh and radiant skin, and a Black Eye Pencil with jojoba oil and carnauba wax, top ingredients for incredibly intense looks.

If we want to overdo it, we can also add a Makeup Remover Gel Oil or a Hip Hip Butter! Concentrated Makeup Remover Butter and a Bamboo Makeup Remover Wipe or a Set of Washable Makeup Remover Pads.

Do you have any other ideas or requests? Write them down in the comments! Our stress-free Christmas is about to begin! 🎅

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