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The insights of La Saponaria

What are the causes of the smell of sweat👃😖

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because during a particularly sultry day or during sporting activity you noticed an excess of sweating with the consequent fear of giving off a bad smell?

But what are the causes that cause an unpleasant sweat smell? Are there effective remedies? Let's see together what are the measures that can help prevent and avoid the development of bad smell.

Deodorants: the ingredients to avoid. What shouldn't be in a natural deodorant

Thorough personal hygiene and freshness are essential for anyone. This is why deodorants play a crucial role in our daily routine. However, not all are the same. Let's find out together which ingredients to avoid in deodorants without sacrificing effectiveness!

Deodorants are cosmetics that mask the smell of sweat and perform an antibacterial action, the main cause of the bad smell of our sweat. Deodorants have now become indispensable for everyone's everyday hygiene: for aesthetic and social reasons none of us like to smell and we all want deodorants that guarantee long-lasting effectiveness throughout the day.