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10 natural methods to prevent hair loss

In the changing seasons or in periods of severe stress it is normal to witness copious falls of hair. Here are some tips on how to prevent hair loss with natural methods, to have a healthy and beautiful hair always, at any time of the year!

 Who among us would not want to have a beautiful and bright, but above all healthy hair? Hair is a really important part of us, they frame the face and if they are in order and well cared for they have the power to make us feel always in place.

To have them healthy, and therefore beautiful, they need ad hoc care with natural and effective products, which make them strong, soft and shiny.

Sometimes, however, their fall worries us, but it is enough to intervene with small precautions to prevent it: these are all natural remedies that will improve the health of our hair, strengthening them from the root to the lengths, to have them strong and beautiful.

Here’s what we’ll find in this article:

The causes of hair loss

Hair are living organisms, and like all organisms of this type, once the life cycle ends, they die and in this case they fall, to be then replaced by new hair.

In the changing seasons, therefore in spring and autumn, it is very likely that a greater fall of hair will occur.

This happens because spring and autumn contribute, through climate change, to accelerate the phenomenon of natural hair replacement.

In most cases this seasonal change is linked to the natural biorhythms of our physique, in fact, the hair falls exactly as the leaves of the trees, to leave room for the growth of new.

Do not be alarmed so if we see a large number of our hair on the ground, they can fall even 100 hair per day and is still considered a normal loss. Usually, however, this phenomenon has a limited duration, between 4 and 6 weeks, and can happen even if you are going through a moment of particular fatigue and stress.

Moreover, in summer the hair is more beautiful and strong because the sun and the higher temperature activate a higher production of keratin, while in autumn this rhythm slows down due to the lowering of temperature and the arrival of winter cold.

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Excessive loss of hair

However, when the hair loss becomes excessive and we notice hair remaining in the brush when we comb, in the shower or on the pillow, it can be an indication of some hormonal imbalance, an unbalanced diet and low in vitamins and fibers, of hereditary factors but also due to smoking, since it changes the blood circulation at the level of the scalp and prevents the supply of nutrients from the hair fiber, and finally hair loss can be linked to taking certain drugs.

Even the use of aggressive chemicals such as dyes and bleaches, permanent and stretch, but also lacquers, gels and fixative products can cause damage resulting in thinning hair.

In these cases, usually, in addition to losing a substantial number of hair during the day, they also appear lifeless and dull and can also thin on the skin.

This situation of thinning is not to be confused with alopecia, a pathological condition that leads to gradual and definitive loss of patchy hair. In these cases it is definitely necessary to hear the opinion of your doctor to stem and solve the problem.

If instead we are faced with a major thinning or an incipient baldness.

Natural methods to prevent hair loss

If the loss is part of the normal life cycle of the hair and is related, as we said, to seasonality or periods of stress, we can certainly help our hair with natural methods to prevent hair loss.

The advice we are going to give you should be part of our hair-care routine at every change of season and periodically throughout the year to support periods of increased stress and in special conditions.

1. Biotin and specific food supplements

Biotin is an important component of metabolic enzymes and a deficiency of it can lead to weakness, thinning of the hair (alopecia), brittleness of the nails and rashes.

Given the impossibility for our body to accumulate it, biotin must be regularly taken through nutrition or food supplements and maintain healthy hair and nails.

Food supplements are specific and functional products dedicated to daily well-being. The mix of functional substances and active ingredients that compose them are carefully selected to provide the body with some specific components that it needs to maintain an ideal state of well-being.

A supplement that takes care of the well-being of hair and nails helping them to keep healthy and strong is Hair Vitamin, high in Biotin. In addition to this among its ingredients we find:

  • Nettle, Horsetail and Bamboo: contribute to the well-being of nails and hair.
  • Millet: has restorative action.
  • Copper: contributes to normal hair pigmentation.
  • Selenium and Zinc: contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails and the protection of cells from oxidative stress.



2. Natural prebiotics

Prebiotics are organic substances, such as fibers, that stimulate the growth of the good bacteria that make up the microbiota. Prebiotics are able to support the energy metabolism of the bacteria that make up our microflora, optimize the environment that houses it, and improve the physiological balance in general. (Read more about prebiotics here)

That’s why prebiotics are among the most effective natural remedies to prevent hair loss.

These plant-derived ingredients, when added in specific hair formulations, are a great source of nourishment, improving the health and appearance of the scalp and hair.

Microbiota re-balance also means:

  • Regulation of the production of sebum
  • Improvement and prevention of itching and dandruff
  • Improvement of fine hair, brittle and tending to fall
  • Strengthening the barrier effect of the skin
  • More healthy and beautiful hair appearance

We can find them in specific formulations for the scalp and hair, among the most effective the soothing and strengthening scalp lotion, which nourishes the natural scalp microbiota and consequently strengthens the stem giving new vitality to the hair.prebiotico

3. Specific phytocomplex extracts

Hair loss is a complex problem! That’s why we treat it with the Hair Plus Complex, a powerful plant phytocomplex.

It is a super functional active present in the Anti fall lotion of the SativAction Men’s Line. Let’s talk about an innovative ingredient that counteracts hair loss and offers visible results already after 3 months!

In particular, it has been shown that after its use:

  • The hair appears more robust, thickened
  • The bulb gets bigger 
  • Increase in hair growth phase
  • Reduction of hair loss  

This ingredient does not work on the hormonal loss of hair, but on the well-being of the scalp: it creates the best possible environment to facilitate the growth of new hair and reduce the loss of those currently present. That is why the formulas that contain it can be used by both men and women.


4. Aloe Vera juice

A really useful ingredient to strengthen hair is aloe vera.

Aloe juice in fact can be used as a pre shampoo compress to be applied at least for half an hour on the hair before washing, but effectively replaces as a styling product also the common gel.

Aloe vera juice is a multifunctional product for both skin and hair.


5. flaxseed oil

Flax seeds are valuable for the health of our hair.

Pure linseed oil can be used for pre-shampoo strengthening wraps.

We can also find it together with other precious oils for our hair in ad hoc preparations to strengthen them and make them soft and bright, such as liquid crystals vegetable (in this case it is good to take care that they do not contain silicones and mineral oils of petrochemical derivation! ), to be used both on wet hair and dry hair as a styling product and to counteract the frizz (and if you have this unsightly problem read here to get rid of the cloud on your head forever!)

6. Coconut oil

It is an oil rich in antioxidants and vitamins (especially E) with emollient and nutritional properties. For this reason coconut oil is indispensable for our hair, you can use it for pre-shampoo wraps that will deeply nourish our hair, making them soft and silky.


7. Castor oil

Castor oil, another oil with extraordinary strengthening properties.

Castor oil can be used to prepare strengthening and hair loss masks, to be applied on wet hair and keep on at least half an hour before shampooing. It will make our hair soft and silky, as well as strengthening the stem.

8. Henna, Amla and dry cleaning herbs

A valuable ingredient for our hair, always used by oriental women as a natural dye is henna. Obtained from the dried leaves of Lawsonia Inermis, strengthens the hair by strengthening the stem and giving a volumizing effect, rebalances the skin and shiny lengths. It can be found in natural dyes mixed with other dyeing herbs.

Amla, the powdered extract of the Phyllanthus emblica plant - the Indian gooseberry - has always been used by Indian women and is the secret of their wonderful hair. In fact, Amla is rich in vitamin C, is very nutritious and helps keep the scalp healthy, strengthens the hair and prevents the fall. It also has coloring power, is therefore widely used as a dyeing herb in vegetable dyes to revive and accentuate the hair color.

In particular, Amla is also contained in the Active Hair Silicone Plant + Amla, a light oil, silky and strengthening that can be used on the hair to make them smooth and more comb, or to nourish dry lengths, but that can also be used as a scalp compress to strengthen the hair and to purify the scalp: just massage, keep on for at least 15 minutes and then proceed with washing.


Also Cassia, another dyeing herb, has an extraordinary healing function on the hair: restructures them, strengthens them, disciplines them and polishes them, taking care of the damaged hair shaft. Also in this case we can find it in the mix of dry cleaning herbs such as Hennetica, our line of organic dyeing herbs, vegan and fair trade, useful both to color the hair for those who want to cover whites, both for those who want to make fall protection and natural strengthening treatments


9. rosemary essential oil

Rosemary is another precious natural remedy for our hair, to strengthen them and prevent their fall. You can use the essential oil of rosemary for a massage on the scalp in the evening before going to sleep or about an hour before shampooing, helps to reactivate the circulation and this promotes regrowth and strengthening the stem.

You can also use Rosemary Hydrolate to spray on your hair after washing, as a last acid rinse. In particular, it has become a trend on social media to say that with rosemary you can grow faster in your hair: there is a fund of truth and we talked about it in this article on our blog!

10. Use a specific anti fall shampoo

Using a shampoo specially formulated to stimulate and strengthen your hair can be a good idea to counteract hair loss. In particular, the SativAction Line anti fall shampoo is a concentrate of natural active ingredients with stimulating and strengthening power. The formula is based on chicory prebiotics, useful to strengthen the natural skin microbiota and create an environment conducive to hair health and many natural active by' amazing effectiveness. It contains caffeine, to give energy and to help slow the fall process, hemp and mint and ginger to strengthen the stem, invigorate and stimulate the microcirculation of the skin. Also in this case shampoo is usable by both men and women.

Shampoo Anticaduta 1200x1200

Packages to prevent hair loss

Your new complete Hair routine

A complete Hair Routine to take care of your hair can be found in the Forza Hair Routine Kit: it is a package of products at a 20% discount and with free shipping! 
Here is everything you need to strengthen your hair in the changing seasons, to take care of hair from the scalp to the tips, perfect for those looking for a strong and shiny hair!

The beauty routine can be structured following these steps:

  • step 1. prepares, with the Detox Scrub for the scalp that purifies without irritating, to be used 1 time a month before the shampoo and the Lenitva and Strengthening Lotion, a real treatment based on prebiotics to restore the balance of the skin and ensure more resistance to the hair!  
  • step 2. cleanses, with the Soothing and Strengthening Shampoo based on prebiotics capable of giving shine and shine to the hair.
  • step 3. nourish, with the Moringa Balm and Sunflower the acid rinse to be carried out with the Sage Hydrolate, to be sprayed on the hair without rinsing. 
  • step 4. strengthens, with the Wondermask Hair Force to be applied 1 time a week instead of conditioner to give the hair shaft more body and more resistance. For styling you can apply the vegetable crystals, useful to nourish, protect, regulate and silky hair and Aloe Juice, a real elixir to polish the tips of the hair with which to make also a strengthening mask to keep on 30 minutes once a week.

The package includes these products:

💚 Strengthening and soothing lotion (10 vials of 5 ml each)
💜 Detox scrub (100 ml)
💙 Soothing and strengthening solid shampoo (50 g)
💛 Sage hydrolate (100 ml)
❤️ Moringa balm and sunflower (150 ml)
💖 Wondermask Strength (150 ml)
💚 Aloe juice (150 ml)
💜 Vegetable crystals (50 ml)

All products within the package are full size and have a 20% discount.
Find here the Kit Hair Routine Forza 👈

the reinforcing booster routine

If you already have your shampoo and heart conditioner that you would never want to give up, but what you need is a strength booster and anti -fall, you can opt for the kit strengthening hair and nails in&out that contains everything you need to enhance our hair routine and take care of nails and hair from inside and outside!

Inside we find:

💛 Hair Vitamin - nail & hair supplement (30 capsules)
💚 Soothing and strengthening skin lotion (10 vials of 5 ml each)
💖 Wondermask Hair Strength (150 ml)

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