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There are times of the year when we all feel a bit tired and weighed down! It is a classic that it happens at the change of season or immediately after holidays and festivities! What do we need? A detox! Here are our targeted tips for feeling lighter and more vital, purifying our whole body both inside and out.

Start the day in 'energy mode': body care detox

Start your day first thing by drinking a cup of hot water with ginger and lemon
Taking a good dose of liquids early in the morning will help you eliminate toxins faster and feel better immediately.

Then treat yourself to a nice revitalising shower! Run the hot water and pour 5 or 6 drops of mint essential oil directly onto the shower tray. The warmth of the water will bring up all the fragrance and freshness of this wonderful oil, which will help to awaken your body and mind!

To cleanse the body super gently, but with a burst of energy, use the Flower Juice Cleanser with Iris and Ginger, which revitalises the skin and makes it soft and fresh!

Then apply a revitalising scrub all over your body to remove dead cells and reactivate microcirculation! You can choose to use our Lemongrass and Mint Scrub or try your hand at a simple home-made recipe using our DIY basics.

Last touches, apply a moisturising cream that makes you feel fresh and soft, such as Flower Sorbet Cream and a layer of Biodeo fresh with tea tree, ginger and lime, or, if you prefer solids, Biodeo Himalaya: its fresh energy will effectively accompany you throughout the day!

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Quick and effective cosmetic detox recipes

Do you want to dabble in self-producing some super simple but perfect cosmetic recipes for a detox action? Here are a few ideas:

Recipe for a scrub shower gel:

  • 200g DIY soap.
  • 40g of coffee powder.
  • 20g ginger glyceric extract.
  • 1g lemon essential oil (corresponding to about 20 drops).

Recipe for a nourishing, creamy scrub:


Hair detox routine: don't forget your hair!

For your hair, use our Extra Virgin Shampoo instead. You can choose to make the formula even more purifying by adding a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil, with its well-known antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Don't want to add Tea Tree? Get a shampoo that already has it! Such as the Shampoo Powder Polishing and Seboregulating to say goodbye to disposable bottles, with its sebum-regulating action. Or you can use the Purity Solid Shampoo, with its detoxifying and purifying action: great for getting rid of all the dullness and seeing your hair shine like never before!

One of the latest trends of the moment is to carry out a light scrub also on the scalp, which is useful for improving circulation and freeing the hair from annoying, suffocating flakes. If you like the idea, you can put a spoonful of coffee powder or raw cane sugar inside your shampoo with a few drops of mint essential oil. You will immediately feel a pleasant freshness, or you can use our Scalp Detox Scrub: just massage well with circular movements, rinse and pat your hair dry with a soft towel.

Use our moringa and flax conditioner to give your hair all the shine it deserves and keep annoying frizz at bay. The moringa contained in this conditioner has excellent purifying and protective properties!

You can also apply one of our Hair Wondermasks: these are moisturising hair masks rich in active ingredients. You can choose the one best suited to your hair type: Light, Strength or Volume depending on what you want to achieve.

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I want beautiful skin: skin care detox

Now that the warmth of the shower will have opened your skin's pores, focus on your facial care!

First cleanse the skin using our Mousse Mirtilla and once a week you can also use the Wonderscub facial scrub with gentle, circular movements. Now that your skin is free of impurities, apply an even layer of Bye Bye Impurities Mask to your entire face. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, you can treat yourself to a moment of relaxation by reading a good book and sipping an infusion of lemon balm, which is helpful in aiding digestion and regulating gastrointestinal well-being.

After 15 minutes, remove the mask with a bamboo towel soaked in lukewarm water. Your skin will immediately look brighter!

Mist our purifying and soothing Active Lemon Balm Water all over your face. This very important step will close the pores and refine the skin's texture, making it even.

Then apply a few drops of Anti-Pollution Serum to the whole face and massage in well until completely absorbed. This precious serum contains a special complex of natural active ingredients that purify the skin of toxins and pollutants, giving the skin its natural beauty and defending it from stress, smog and the signs of ageing. And if you want to shine strong, don't forget a few drops of Vitamin C, to be applied as a face serum morning and evening.

Then finish your beauty routine by applying a specific cream to your skin type:

The complete packages

The Face Kit - Illuminating Anti-Darkening Routine

Here is the complete package to have an illuminating skin care, remove the greyness and have a brighter skin than ever! The package contains full-size products at a 15% discount: here is everything you need to build a beauty routine of illuminating action, perfect for detoxing!

The beauty routine can be structured by following these steps, to be repeated morning and evening:
step 1. cleanse your face with Blueberry Mousse, a gentle soft pampering suitable for all skin types.
step 2. tone your face and prepare your skin with Pomegranate Active Antioxidant Water for all the next steps of the beauty routine: spray the water onto your face and dab lightly with your fingertips until it is absorbed.
step 3. apply the face serums: Vitamin C, anti-stain and illuminating par excellence, and Ecofermented Activator, smoothing for porcelain skin: just 2 drops for each Active, they can always be used together, morning and night.
step 4. nourish with Pomegranate Face Cream, anti-oxidant and no-aging, rich in actives.

Find the Face Kit - Illuminating Anti-Darkening Routine here 👈

The Face Kit - Routine combination skin

A complete skin care to break down imperfections and return to radiance can be found in Face - Routine Combination Skin: this is a full-size product pack at a 15% discount. Here you will find everything you need to build a face routine with a powerful sebum-regulating action, to nourish dry or asphyxiated areas and to dull inflammation and impurities.

The beauty routine can be structured by following these steps:
step 1. cleanse, with Deep Pure Cleansing Facial Gel, specifically for combination skin: a good routine always starts with good cleansing!
step 2. prepare, with Melissa Active Water, with soothing and purifying properties for smooth and radiant skin.
step 3. treats, with Hyaluronic Acid, to moisturise the driest areas and plump up, and Fitoretinol, to regenerate the skin and lift. These pure Actives are best suited to nourishing combination skin without thickening it, precisely because of their effective yet impalpable consistency.
step 4 - for the day, moisturise with Stay Matte Face Cream, perfect to use as an organic primer for all skin types, it can sebum regulate and even out
step 5 - for the evening, treat with Melissa Face Cream, with its moisturising and rebalancing power, ideal for capricious and impure skin in need of discipline and hydration.

Find here the Face kit - Routine combination skin 👈

Now that your skin and body have regained their balance, we wish you a wonderful day, full of enthusiasm and vitality!

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