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The insights of La Saponaria

What are the ingredients in cosmetics to avoid during pregnancy?

In the nine months of gestation, the expectant mother must pay attention to a series of elements including, for example, nutrition. But great care must also be paid to the choice of cosmetics, or rather, to the ingredients they contain: there are some that are best avoided. Let's see together what they are!

Pregnancy is a very important moment for every mom to be: from when she discovers she is pregnant until the day of delivery, there are several things that a future mother must pay attention to, gestures and habits that must be changed to take care of herself and of the oncoming baby. You can rest assured: any extra attention will surely be repaid when you can hold your little one in your arms!

Deodorants: the ingredients to avoid. What shouldn't be in a natural deodorant

Thorough personal hygiene and freshness are essential for anyone. This is why deodorants play a crucial role in our daily routine. However, not all are the same. Let's find out together which ingredients to avoid in deodorants without sacrificing effectiveness!

Deodorants are cosmetics that mask the smell of sweat and perform an antibacterial action, the main cause of the bad smell of our sweat. Deodorants have now become indispensable for everyone's everyday hygiene: for aesthetic and social reasons none of us like to smell and we all want deodorants that guarantee long-lasting effectiveness throughout the day.

Solid Biodeos: organic and natural deodorants that work, zero waste and plastic free

Four solid deodorants that are delicate on the skin but ruthless against bad smells: Biodeo Solids are compact deodorants with a long-lasting action and totally Zero Waste! Let's see together why the one with them could be the longest love story of our lives!

They are 4, they are certified organic, they are natural, perfumed, compact and have a very long lasting action. And the good news didn't end there: they are zero waste and plastic free! They are contained in recycled paper boxes and can also be used on their own or inserted into the Kiima applicator, which is refillable and available in 4 different colours. To say goodbye forever to bad smells and disposable bottles!

Impure skin face line: products to take care of combination, oily skin, pimples and imperfections

The Impure Skins face line is made up of 5 certified organic products: these are natural, light formulations rich in active and performing ingredients, specifically designed to fulfill the greatest dream of all impure skins, to get rid of shine, blackheads and zits!

What to do if you have frizzy hair? The perfect beauty routine for your hair

All hair types have a common enemy: frizz! But what is it? How can it be dealt with? In this article, we reveal what to do if you have frizzy hair, and the secrets to finally having it disciplined and defined.

The much-hated frizzy effect is a very common problem that plagues not only those with curly hair, but also those with straight, thin hair and those who, in general, subject their hair to aggressive treatments.

Treatments for mature skin: indispensable anti-ageing skincare

We all have the desire to stay fresh and beautiful even as we get older! Unfortunately, everyday life puts a strain on our skin: skin ageing is an entirely natural process, but one that we can fight and slow down!

In this article, you’ll find all our tips, the right beauty routine and the specific treatments to keep your mature skin toned and beautiful, by giving it the nourishment it needs.

INCI lists: how to read them and all the useful tools to decipher them

What are cosmetics made of? If we read the label carefully, we’ll find a long list of ingredients, most of the completely indecipherable: welcome to the world of INCI! By the term INCI, we mean the complete list of ingredients a cosmetic product is made of.

Double cleansing: what is it and why is it important to do it?

There’s a lot of talk about double cleansing, but what is it? And how to do it? Why is it good for your skin? Should it be done every time we cleanse our face? Let's find out everything you need to know about double cleansing!

Does your beauty routine already have so many steps that you don't even wanto to hear about adding one more? What if we told you that double cleansing can really make a difference?

Hennetica vegetable dyes: beauty and health for your hair

Hennetica natural colours are a true beauty treatment for hair, not only to cover grey, but also to make hair stronger and healthier.

Here's who the 8 Hennetica goddesses are, which ones to choose according to your base colour and how to get the most out of these fabulous herbal dye mixes.

The 10 most frequently asked questions about Pure Actives and their use

Pure Actives, which are awakening increasing curiosity, are pure active ingredients to be used on the face as a serum or as boosters for creams and serums to reinforce your facial beauty routine. Read on for the answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about these little wonders.

AHA Peel: the new Pure Active for regenerated, glowing skin

The chemical peel is a facial treatment that exfoliates in depth and stimulates cell regeneration, for firmer, brighter, smoother skin. The new Pure Active by La Saponaria is the AHA peel, with acids from Italian fruit that have an exfoliating, regenerating, smoothing action.

How to properly treat combination, oily and suffocated skin

What is the best way to treat combination and oily skin? How best to take care of it? A complete guide and the products to use, step by step, to make it more beautiful and healthy.

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