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Why stains form on the face and how to remove them

Spots on the face: how they form? Why is it important to prevent them? And, above all, can we do something to minimize and eliminate those already present on our face?

One of the questions that most often you ask us is about the specific beauty routine to combat skin spots, this is because it is a topic that affects people of all ages and represents a real concern in the skin care. In practice all want to prevent this blemish or run for cover to clear the already existing stains! A uniform complexion of the skin automatically makes it look younger, brighter and refreshed. 

We therefore take this opportunity to recall the importance of the anti age beauty routine: you can deepen this topic in this article, where we talk about useful tips to keep your skin young, what to use for this purpose, what products to evaluate for every need and much more!

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The skin spots not only appear on the face often also appear on hands and decollete: why does this happen? What are the causes? In general, a healthy lifestyle returns to be a central point in this discourse: we can only argue that it is a very important and fundamental requirement to prevent skin spots and in general to slow down the signs of aging.

So how to avoid the formation of skin spots on the face?

The answer is: with simple habits! Those for us fundamental are:

  • Healthy nutrition: the diet rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants help the body (and skin) to stay young longer;

  • Physical activity: it is essential to maintain detoxified and elastic skin and to improve the level of well-being of the body;

  • The attention to the sun rays and the protection of the skin from UVA and UVB rays through the use of sunscreens is mandatory if you want to prevent the formation of spots on the skin or if you want to make sure not to darken the already existing ones;

  • In addition to sun rays, it is important to protect the skin from atmospheric and environmental agents as well as pollution;

What are the two main causes of the appearance of skin spots on the face?

The skin spots of the skin of the face represent one of the characterizing elements related to skin aging and in this case we talk about senile spots, often very wide and dark, but it is a process linked also to photoaging, process that does not directly depend on age (and in this case even very young girls may have noticeable skin spots).

What exactly is photoaging?

Photoaging is the process of skin aging due to the action of ultraviolet rays on the skin. For this reason it is really essential to use sunscreen for the face: we talk in depth in this dedicated article.

Our anti-aging and stain-resistant face cream with SPF 30 is the perfect protection against sun and oxidative stress! Why choose it?

  • Inside this product you will find only the latest generation of mineral filters and a mix of precious plant phytocomplexes to create a cream with a silky texture and invisible.
  • This face cream offers high protection from UVA and UVB and protects the skin from oxidative stress, counteracting the formation of sunspots.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid very low molecular weight to give tone and hydration to the skin, natural polysaccharides to stimulate the production of collagen, Cranberry and Vitamin E constitutional water with an extraordinary antioxidant action and Bisabolol to enhance the calming and soothing effect.
  • It is suitable for all skin types and is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.


How do spots form on the skin?

Skin spots are usually formed due to a malfunction of the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin. Melanin, often mentioned when it comes to tanning, plays a particularly important function for the defense of the skin by activating to protect it from UV rays. It often happens that the malfunction of the melanocytes is evident only when it is too late and the first sunspots have already appeared. Usually the color of these areas of the skin appears darker, tending to brown.

There are also other causes behind the formation of the skin spot: in fact in some cases there are also other external factors that can adversely affect, such as a genetic predisposition, the use of wrong cosmetics or fragrances and synthetic perfumes that stain the skin under the sun.

What products can we use as natural remedies for skin spots?

We have created for you the beauty routine anti age and anti stain perfect for every age and for every type of stain. You can use the products indicated in all seasons of the year, they are not photosensitizing, and are suitable for all skin types.

Step 1 - Gentle cleansing to pamper the skin with the Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse or with the No Stress Soothing Solid Cleanser

Step 2 - Active antioxidant water Pomegranate: the perfect moisturizing and anti-aging tonic!

Step 3 - Anti-stain treatment consisting of 3 steps:  Vitamin C + Ecofermentato activator + Serum equalizer

Step 4 - Anti-age protective face cream with SPF 30 as day cream and no-age face cream Pomegranate as night cream

Step 5 - Eye Contour WOW

There are pimple stains!

Adult acne often leaves many more marks on the face than juvenile acne: this is because the skin tissues (albeit slightly) are more mature and are marked much more easily. For this reason, wringing of comedones and torturing the skin of the face must be avoided!

Here is a specific beauty routine to prevent or reduce this type of skin problem:

Step 1 - Gentle cleansing to pamper the skin with the Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse or with the Bye Bye Purifying Solid Cleanser

Step 2 - Melissa active water: the best purifying and soothing tonic!

Step 3 - Niacinamide+Zinc: active pure seboriequilibrante and anti-stain, specific for pimple spots

Step 4 - Anti-age protective face cream with SPF 30 as day cream and Melissa face cream as night cream

Step 5 - Eye Contour WOW

E per tutte le macchie cutanee sai cos’è magica?

Skin exfoliation! Facial skin exfoliation is important because:

  • removes dead cells and impurities from the skin of the face
  • promotes cell renewal of the epidermis
  • facilitates the penetration and absorption of cosmetics that we will apply after treatment
  • makes the skin smoother, softer and brighter
  • is able to minimize the spots on the face
  • reduces the visibility of wrinkles and micro expression wrinkles

Exfoliation can be done through facial scrubs, or through peeling. Read more about the article on our blog.

You can perform a mechanical exfoliation choosing from :

You can opt for a deeper exfoliation by doing a monthly treatment:

  • AHA peeling: suitable for those who want to minimize signs of aging, imperfections and dull skin. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to a skilful mix of natural alpha hydroxy acids (5% concentration) that make the formula delicate but highly effective. It promotes skin renewal from the outside, accelerating natural cell turnover and from the inside, being able to nourish and protect the deeper layers.  After 6 days the skin is renewed by 83%.

    How to use: apply to the face, hold on for 10 minutes and then rinse. The treatment is repeated 1 time a day for 6 days, 1 time a month. On the days when peeling is not recommended to perform other types of exfoliation. Just wait 1 week - 10 days and then return to do the facial scrub once a week.

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