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The insights of La Saponaria

Sun creams without oxybenzone, parabens, silicones and even titanium dioxide: you can do without certain ingredients

Sunscreens are not to be trifled with: we all know that it is necessary to lather them up before going out in the sun. But which sunscreen to choose? And are organic sun creams with only physical filters equally safe? Of course! Let's see how and why many people choose sunscreen without oxybenzone, parabens, silicones or titanium dioxide and what the alternatives are.

New Anti-Ageing Line for Mature Skin: discover your anti-ageing routine

Anti-ageing facial line for mature skin: a global treatment with intensive action I think for the all-round wellbeing of mature and demanding skin. It consists of four products and an accessory, ultra-rich formulas certified organic and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, with a targeted and intensive action, for a global anti-age treatment.

What should the ideal anti-ageing face cream look like? It must lift and plump, but not only. It must take care of the all-round well-being of the skin so that it can stay in top form for as long as possible. This is the idea behind the new Antiage Line for Mature Skins composed of 4 special formulas rich in active ingredients to take care of the skin's wellbeing from all points of view and an accessory. That of nourishment, of protection, giving the skin special ingredients capable of guaranteeing it long-lasting health.

Keyword detox: the beauty routine that purifies and brightens the skin

There are times of the year when we all feel a bit tired and weighed down! It is a classic that it happens at the change of season or immediately after holidays and festivities! What do we need? A detox! Here are our targeted tips for feeling lighter and more vital, purifying our whole body both inside and out.


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