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The insights of La Saponaria

How to gently exfoliate facial skin: scrubs and peeling

One of the steps of a proper beauty routine should never be without exfoliation, the beauty treatment that stimulates cell turnover, providing deep cleansing and smoother, brighter and firmer skin!

BB Cream Like a dream: enhance and valorise your natural beauty!

Perfect, radiant skin without a trace of imperfection - isn't that everyone's dream? And if it only takes a few moments and a totally natural product to achieve it, the dream becomes even more fascinating, doesn't it?
From this dream was born our BB Cream Like a dream, a real beauty magic designed for all those who want to feel good about their skin, for those who love their natural beauty and also (and above all!) for those who don't usually wear make-up.

Biocao: how to take care of your lips in a natural way

Dry, chapped lips are a frequent condition. Here are the ingredients you should not forget to take care of your lips in a natural way.

A smile is that curve that straightens everything. Taking care of our smile is really very important, and not only as a purely aesthetic matter: dry and chapped lips can be very painful and annoying! Let's see together how to do it and which ingredients cannot be missing in the care of our lips!

Keyword detox: the beauty routine that purifies and brightens the skin

There are times of the year when we all feel a bit tired and weighed down! It is a classic that it happens at the change of season or immediately after holidays and festivities! What do we need? A detox! Here are our targeted tips for feeling lighter and more vital, purifying our whole body both inside and out.

Original gift ideas: here's the perfect gift for your boyfriend, friend, colleagues, and more!

What should the perfect Christmas gift be like? According to us, it should be useful, beneficial for the user and the environment, and of course, it shouldn't break the bank! So here's a brief guide to the perfect gift to avoid pre-Christmas anxiety and find useful and original gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and everyone dear to us!

Many people hate it, but some enjoy it: rushing through the city streets in search of the last-minute gifts for friends and family is for many the true essence of Christmas. But what if this time we didn't let anxiety take over? Here's a small guide with a thousand ideas for useful and original Christmas gifts to find the perfect gift for friends and family. What will you find in this article:

Are peptides effective against wrinkles? Yes, they are and here's why

Wrinkles are one of the first signs of time passing by, and although someone may appreciate them as they represent memories of all the experiences so far lived, someone else may want to try to reduce their appearance. In this case, peptides are effective against wrinkles.

We all have asked ourselves at least once what the best remedy to reduce wrinkles is, and that is right what this article deals with. Here there are the contents of the article:

White hair: why it occurs, how to delay its onset, and how to treat it best

Not only our skin does reflect time passing by, but also our hair, which gets whiter. White hair is a shared condition, and although it is not possible to avoid its onset, there exist remedies to prevent it from occurring or, once it has come, to treat it best.

Skin with redness and rosacea: causes and natural remedies

Fragile and sensitive skins are often prone to develop redness, couperose, and rosacea. The causes are several, but so are the solutions: let's unveil how to take care of these issues with natural remedies

If your skin is sensitive and fragile, it may develop redness, couperose, capillary fragility, or other issues that may lead to rosacea. We are about to share with you everything there is to know about couperose and rosacea, and to suggest you tips andr remedies to take care of your skin using natural remedies. Here there are the contents of this article:

Body and breast serum to firm up body skin

As time goes by, our skin loses its tone and elasticity and starts drooping. We can't stop time, but luckily we can use some tips and tricks to tone and firm up our skin.

Time flies, and as it goes by we make memories and experiences. Our body and our skin go through the same changes and challenges we live, getting less elastic and toned. We all would like to stop time or at least to make it run slower, but we all know this is not possible, and so we look for remedies to firm up our body and breast skin and feel better with ourselves. There exist specific products to use in combination with other solutions to tone the skin both of your arms and breast, and this is exactly what you are about to read:

Pimples on the back: causes and remedies to take care of this issue

Pimples on the back often cause itching, pain, and inflammation. However, there exist natural and gentle remedies to reduce their presence and to restore the natural balance of your skin. 

If you are looking for a remedy to take care of pimples on the back, you could use this article. Not only the issue of pimples on the back does cause pain and inflammation, but also it might alterate your mood. But there is no need to worry, since the presence of pimples is usually a temporary condition that goes away if you know what products to use and if you are patient enough to wait. 

Curly Girl Method: what it is and how to do it with organic and sustainable cosmetics

The Curly Girl Method, CGM/MCM or Curly Method in its short form, is becoming increasingly popular. Let's find out together what this method is and how to do it with organic and sustainable cosmetics branded La Saponaria.

Think about someone who has defined and glossing curly hair. Did you know that you can achieve the same result by following the Curly Girl Method? Now you do! The CGM is a method designed to naturally take care of curly hair and it is aimed at:

How to naturally strenghten fragile nails

Having fragile and dull nails is a very common issue whose causes are several, such as following an unhelathy diet, going through stressful periods of time, or being exposed to external agents. Let's break down the causes together to find out what the natural remedies to take care of fragile nails are.

Hands are our calling cards and having healthy and strong nails plays a major role in the aesthetic of our hands. What can we do if our nails tend to break? The issue of fragile nails is caused by different factors, but luckily there exist many remedies to make them stronger and longer. Reading through this article, you will find out tips and DIY remedies to naturally take care of fragile nails. Here there are the contents of the article:

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